Bringing the power of real people to e-commerce
LiveShop is an enhanced video chat where customers can interact with agents face-to-face, while products and service plans are displayed dynamically - by a stroke of the agent’s fingertips.
Do you want to enhance your customer experience online?
With LiveShop, you can. LiveShop brings your agents to your customers - wherever they are and at any time. Our platform allows customers to have personal conversations with real people, resulting in efficient processes and instant responses.
Do you have high traffic numbers but low conversion?
With LiveShop, this can change. Through LiveShop, your agents can demonstrate products and complex offerings in an effective and easy way. This, combined with the power of direct eye contact and personal conversations, can make your conversion rate increase dramatically.
Are you facing high return rates with products ordered online?
With LiveShop, that can improve. Your agents are your best assets to properly demonstrate products and avoid any misconception with your customers. LiveShop brings the efficiency of retail sales online.